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St Luke's Primary School is situated in the constituency of Bradford East. We work alongside other schools in the area to form what is known as a Locality Achievement Partnership (LAP).

Bradford East1 is one of 14 LAP’s in Bradford.

In Bradford East1’s case this includes 16 Primary schools and 2 Secondary schools which are Hanson and Immanuel College. The range of services offered includes holiday activities, courses for parents, after school clubs and signposting families to other agencies.

For Primary schools, this means that they can offer a varied menu of activities i.e. homework clubs, sports and arts etc, parenting support i.e. family learning, community access and ensure swift access to a wider range of specialist services for pupils.

We Have also worked together to provide additional opportunities for our children including sports festivals, writing workshops, drama and dance performances, a School Council conference and lots more. We also work together to provide quality training for our staff and to create, purchase and share resources.