St Luke's CE Primary School, Bradford


Our bespoke curriculum at St Luke’s offers pupils the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world and the skills they will need to flourish in it. The curriculum model considers the local context of our school and fills gaps from children's backgrounds. At the heart of the curriculum lies enrichment, enquiry and vocabulary. To overcome disadvantage it is essential to close the 'knowledge’ gap. Vocabulary size relates to academic success and the breadth of the curriculum is crucial for increasing the breadth of children's vocabulary.

Ultimately our curriculum is intended to:

  • Develop our mind and body : What we learn
  • Develop our spirit and character: Who we are
  • Develop our actions and attitudes: How we live and learn
  • Develop our moral compass: Where we fit in the world.

Our children experience the excitement of learning through innovative introductions to new topics and are encouraged to share and participate in new experiences, learning from their mistakes and recognising their achievements. Our knowledge rich curriculum is designed to inspire a lifelong love of learning. Skills are developed throughout the curriculum through carefully planned lessons and out of class enrichment. The staff at St Luke’s are committed to fostering a community of caring learners and to providing an academic curriculum that develops a broad knowledge base with a commitment to basic skills.

Our curriculum follows a three part approach:

Children’s curriculum entitlement

This is the school’s commitment to ensuring all children receive the highest quality teaching. With no exceptions.

Children’s curriculum enrichment

This outline’s our commitment to ensuring that children have a breadth of opportunity and that resources are used to close the knowledge gap between disadvantaged children.

Opportunity for children to work in their element

The curriculum design ensures children have the opportunity to aim high across and beyond the primary curriculum through wider opportunities.


Our children will have a confident set of skills, knowledge, norms and Christian values which can be used to get ahead in education and life more generally. In short they will learn more, remember more, enjoy more and develop more spiritually, socially and emotionally. Thus enabling them to flourish in our care and be ready for their next stage in life and education.

If you would like more information about the Curriculum your child is following please see your child’s half termly curriculum newsletter or speak to their class teacher.