St Luke's CE Primary School, Bradford

School Uniform

Our school uniform at St Luke's comprises of:

  • White polo shirt
  • Light to mid grey trousers
  • Light to mid grey skirt, 
  • Red crew/round neck sweatshirt (children should have at least one sweatshirt with logo)
  • Grey or red opaque tights to be worn with skirts or pinafores as an alternative to socks. These should not be laced or patterned.
  • All children to wear sturdy black school shoes.
  • Hair below shoulder length should be tied back.
  • Other headwear should not be worn unless for religious significance.
  • Boots should not be worn for school unless in bad weather eg Wellington boots which must be changed on arrival at school.

Light to mid grey pinafore dress
Red school sweat cardigan with logo
Red/white gingham school dress
A red fleece – to wear outdoors

It is important that your child wears comfortable clothing for school and the clothing is such that they can undress easily. This is especially important for young children who can become extremely distressed when having to cope with buttons, laces, zips, buckles, etc. In our experience, velcro fastenings on shoes are very helpful. Please ensure all items of uniform are named ( including footwear)

There will be a display of school clothing with the school logo at the New Parents Evening held in June each year.

If you think you might qualify for free school clothing please ask at the school office for further information.

Jewellery: We would prefer children not to wear jewellery other than watches or neat earrings for pierced ears.

What should my child wear for P.E.?
Children will be asked to remove any jewellery (except that worn for religious reasons), including earrings. It is best for no jewellery at all to be worn on P.E. days.

Children will be supplied with a P.E. kit bag on their allocated cloakroom hook.

Indoor P.E.:
Footwear: Children go bare footed as a necessary safety measure when apparatus is used, but will need black pumps.
Girls: black shorts and white T shirt.
Boys: black shorts and white T-shirt

Outdoor P.E.:
Footwear: Pumps or trainers. Girls & boys: T-shirt and shorts as above.
Key Stage 2 sweatshirt/jogging bottoms/tracksuit for outdoors in the colder months.

We ask you to provide the regular type of sports shorts (usually available in black) and plain t-shirt (white and not vests or long sleeves).

Please ensure that all your child's clothing and footwear is clearly marked with his/her name
Thank you!